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Just a heads up for any stumblers, Demonoid registrations are now open.


– Dated : 4th May 2010 @ 01 : 15 AM IST


The last Ubisoft post i made was not real.. It was just a photoshopped image.. 😦 I could have known that, but i was too happy and posted it.. Sorry guys.. 😦

Comment by reader :


March 16th, 2010 at 4:00 am edit

Sorry to say that, but it is FAKE!
Proven by many site.

1. Firefox adds a “/” after the url when the site loads
2. In the url bar, you can see an arow (->)

Arrow means jump to the entered site. When a site really loads, there is a star(bookmark) there.
So: someone only creates a simple html page, save it on his computer, load it in firefox, and replaced the ulr (like: file:///C:/fakeubi.html) with

Sorry guys!

Ubisoft website hacked by Skidrow :)

I am a very colossal Assassins Creed Series Fan, so yeah !!! Go Skidrow ! 😀

Proof : (Click for larger version)


This week, Google sealed the deal on video search capabilities for its YouTube portal, saying it would provide auto-captions for all of its uploaded videos using proprietary Google’s Speech Technology.

Google’s initiative, piloted in November, began with a handful of partner channels including PBS, Stanford University and National Geographic. It has now expanded to all uploaded English-speaking videos, with more languages to be added later this year.

With this news, Google establishes itself as a frontrunner in the Internet programming space. As a company built on search, search, and more search, Google is now able to capitalize on its investment in speech-to-text technology to index videos, target advertising and create an actual profit margin for YouTube. In fact, video search is likely why Google acquired YouTube in the first place.
The bigger news is that auto-captions will have clear benefits for the deaf and hearing-impaired population, who now will be able to better understand dialogue on uploaded videos. Up to now, this group had to rely on the goodwill of YouTube users to manually add captions to their videos. A time-consuming process, most users didn’t bother to do so.

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BioShock 2 proved to be a big winner as part of Take-Two’s fiscal first-quarter earnings report earlier this week, shipping 3 million units across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. With sales figures like that, the publisher should find plenty of fertile soil for BioShock 2’s first expansion. Today, 2K Games said the first add-on, called Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, will arrive on all three platforms March 11 for $5 (400 Microsoft points).

The Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack is aimed at the game’s multiplayer mode, which was developed by Dark Sector studio Digital Extremes. With the pack, players will be able to attain rank 50 in multiplayer mode, as well as play as Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca. The Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack is rounded out with 20 new trials, a third upgrade for each weapon, and five new masks.

With the addition of five new masks, abducting children has never been more stylish!

2K Games noted that it has several more add-on packs scheduled to arrive in the next few months that will expand both the single-player and multiplayer portions of BioShock 2. Included in the packs will be additional narrative, as well as new tools and challenges that are designed to further flesh out the tragic fall of Rapture.


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Apparently the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster has existed at CedarPoint amusement park (Sandusky, OH) since 2003. Anyway, this is a point-of-view video showing the acceleration to 120 MPH in just under three seconds :



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Ubuntu has been the "Flagship Linux" distro for quite a while now. This is the distro most people judge Linux by (although i personally use BackTrack). However, its visual style remained constant for a long time, and has been starting to look a bit stale. It’s difficult to convey "innovation" to end users when your product keeps the same look, version to version. There’s been a lot of talk of changing this, and yesterday Ubuntu finally announced their new look for Lucid Lynx, dubbed "Light". It includes a new logo (both light and dark), new theme (light and dark), bootsplash, and even logos for the Ubuntu forums, Xubuntu and other related projects. I’ve put up the theme and splash screen after the jump, and you can see more eye-candy on the announcement page itself.

New splash (bootloader) screen :

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